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Harley-Davidson Service Manual SPORTSTER 59 to 69
*SOLD* H-D Part no 99484-69 (Paperback) copyright 1968 Very Fine Condition! *SOLD*



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Harley Davidson History started in a Milwaukee basement back in 1903. William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, friends from their school days they got together and started tinkering with the idea of putting an engine into a bicycle frame.

Three years later two other Davidson brothers joined the group and the first true Harley Davidson was born in a small shed. Little did they know at the time, was that they would eventually give rise to an American legend.

Arthur & Walter Davidson, William S. Harley and William A Davidson (1915

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V-Force Power Block

Eazy Rizer Big Blue
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Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson exhaust


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