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Which tire is right for ?
The HarleyDavidson FLHRI Road King

Monday, 26 February 2007

Harley-Davidson Tire Blues!
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Topic: Which tire is right for ?

Harley-Davidson riders are brand-loyal. And like Harley riders, the Harley-Davidson factory has been loyal to Dunlop since 1983, when it began equipping all of its bikes with Dunlops as original equipment. The arrangement has worked so well for all concerned that even today, when it’s time for new rubber, most Harley riders replace their Dunlops with another set of Dunlops.
But even brand loyalty can be tested by changing fashion, like the trend toward wider rear tires. In the quest for more rubber, some riders switch from the original-equipment MT90B16 (MT is the equivalent of 130mm) to a competitor’s 140mm tire. But what they don’t realize is that in so doing they’re going from a load index of 74 (827 pounds) to one of 71 (761 pounds), so that in exchange for a slightly wider rear tire they’ve giving away a whopping 66 pounds of load-carrying capacity. On a touring bike that can be the difference between taking along everything you need to make the trip more comfortable, and leaving things behind you’d rather have taken along.
Dunlop doesn’t think anyone should have to sacrifice safety for style, so they’ve come out with a new D402 in MU85B16. The “MU” designation is the equivalent of a 140mm tire, but has a load index of 77, or 908 pounds. The H-rated Dunlop D402 is the only tire approved by Harley-Davidson for its touring bikes, and is built with a three-ply polyester casing with two fiberglass belts, giving it a high load-carrying capacity and the stability to go with it. A computer-optimized tread profile with an offset center groove improves rider confidence over rain grooves and steel-grate bridges, while reducing cupping for even wear throughout the tire’s life. It’s available with a black sidewall or a single white bar sidewall, along with the wide white sidewall version that came out last year.
The D402 is also the perfect choice for riders of earlier models that came stock with an MT-size rear tire who want to upgrade to a wider, Dunlop/Harley-Davidson-engineered tire without giving up any load-carrying capacity. As with any wide-tire upgrade, the dealer should carefully measure each customer’s bike before installation to make sure there’s adequate clearance, since accessories and manufacturing tolerances can cause interference between the tire and the fender, drive belt or swingarm.
The new MU D402 is original-equipment on all of Harley’s 2004 touring bikes. That’s not a choice made lightly either, because both Dunlop and Harley-Davidson engineers worked together to develop the D402 and make sure it was the best tire for the application. That cooperation is why Dunlop and Harley have been partners since 1983, and why there’s no better choice for any model of Harley-Davidson. But recently Dunlop has quit producing D402s for Harley-Davidson and the supplies are disappearing fast! The word from Harley is that the partnership of over 24 Years is over and All new 2008 bike models will be riding on Michelins! Thats right, the Dunlop labor stoppage created an opportunity for another tire company. Harley-Davidson has added Michelin as an official supplier of replacement tires. Beginning mid-year, Michelin motorcycle tires will be available at Harley dealerships across North America. So now that you just figured out what Dunlop tire to put on your ride and why, you'll have a whole new one to figure out! GOOD LUCK.

Posted by ubidlower at 11:34 AM PST

Thursday, 13 April 2006

Console Washer for RoadKing
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: What to do with the ugly washer and screw?
I went down to Harley to replace the Console Washer for RoadKing and was shocked at the price of $90 bucks they wanted for Harley's after market answer to the ugly OEM arrangement...the "Bullseye" Console Washer, p/n 94753-99.! I found this neat one piece creation from the workshop of D-Lee Engineering takes another eyesore, the Road King console washer, and replaces it with a beautiful dome shaped chrome add on. This D-Lee product is made of 4130 grade steel and chromed to perfection. These guys have a web site (see links) and they sell on eBay and can be located buy searching for Items from seller: davmcw The cost is about 1/3 of the Harley part and insallation take less than a minute!

Posted by ubidlower at 10:55 AM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 19 January 2008 11:16 AM PST

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